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Traditional wooden boats

Taking the Lines from a Lake District Rowing Boat

We have recently started building a traditional clinker rowing boat for the Lake District based Keswick Launch Company.  The exisiting fleet is ageing and we are working with them on their project of replacement.  The Launch company wants a shape similar to an exisiting boat (which has reached the end of its useful life), but with some significant modifications.  The starting point has been to ‘take the lines‘ from the exisitng hull (measure it), ‘loft it‘ (draw the lines full size) and then make the modifications on the loft floor.

We will provide news of her progress as the work progresses.

Wooden Tideway New build

Our latest new build, a wooden Tideway Deluxe, is ready for fit out.  The picture shows her oiled mahogany hull with steam bent oak timbers recently fastened in place and her inwales fitted. The centre plate case is waiting for cappings and the centre thwart and the fore deck work has started with the main deck beam being postioned.

Look out for this boat at Tideway Owners Association events in 2012.